Virtual Band Classes

Due to COVID and the nature of virtual band classes, we're doing things differently this time!

How Virtual Band Classes Work

Depending on your band's preferences, we'll usually meet over Zoom to go over the song and answer any questions. Parts will be learned and recorded using either BandLab (a collaborative recording tool, similar to GarageBand) or AcapellaApp (collaborative video). Most bands communicate progress and updates via Facebook Messenger or group text.

There will be no showcase since we're all virtual this session, but you'll still have to be accountable for creating a collaborative masterpiece by the end! You'll come away from the session with either recording(s) of your tracks, Brady Bunch-style video(s), or brand new original song(s).

Classes start the week of August 3rd.

Sign Up Details

First, pick what instrument(s) you want to play, days/times that work for you, devices you have access to, what kind of music you want to play, etc. in this sign up form.

Next, we'll match you with the best possible group of like-minded womxn, based on the answers you gave us, and YOU will collaboratively pick the genres, artists, or songs you want to cover and record for the session.

If you have a preference for particular band members or a particular genre, mention that in the form and we’ll make sure to consider that when placing you.

Fill out this form to sign up for virtual band classes:

🔥🔥🔥 NEW This Session!

If you've been itching to work on your own original music, this one's for you.

We'll now be offering the opportunity to write and collaborate on original songs virtually. If you've been curious about learning how to write parts to a song, virtual classes are a great place to start because you don't have to worry about improvising during an in-person jam sesh. Instead, you'll have a chance to really think about the tone and vibe of the song and record as many takes of a chord progression, riff, beat, melody, lyrics, etc. as you'd like and see what fits.

If this sounds exciting to you, make sure you select "Originals" under the question: Would you rather play covers or learn how to write originals? when filling out the form.

Payment & Next Steps

Once you've filled out the form, payment for the session will be due via Venmo (@femmerock) or PayPal (@reecebeats) to hold your spot.

Cover Bands:

  • Runs for 6 weeks

  • $175 (lead vox, guitar, bass, drums, keys)

  • $85 (backup vox, congas, horns).


  • Runs for 8 weeks

  • $200 (all instruments)

We will contact you within 3 days of signing up to open up a conversation about where we're thinking of placing you and make sure we consider any concerns you might have. Feel free to text Reece Herrera (210) 836-6622 if you have any questions.

Say hello to your new family.

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